At Home Workout Essentials For Busy Moms


by Anna Victoria

As soon as we feel like we've gotten a hold on our routine, we come across a bump in the road and that 1 hour  "me" time we blocked off for the gym gets squeezed out. This happens all too often and while it may seem like a harmless schedule change, that "me" time should be one of the first priorities on your list! But when life gets in the way, how do we make sure making yourself a priority doesn't get pushed to your next “To-Do” list?


Thanks to these great finds from Walmart, you will never have to wonder where you will get the time to go to the gym when you can do all your workouts from home! Here are my favorite workout items that will give you a killer workout, save you time and save you money.


Here are the items you will need:


•       Yoga Mat

•       Dumbbells

•       Resistance Bands

•       Foam Roller

•       Cute and Comfy Workout Clothes!

What most don't realize is some of the most effective workouts don't require big gym equipment at all. All you need are the items listed above to put together a full body high intensity workout that will help you tone up and slim down at the same time, and from the comfort of your own home. Here are my favorite ways to use your new at-home equipment: