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To download on your iPhone or iPad, first make sure you have a few things:


1. iBooks Application downloaded and updated


2. Enough space on your device


3. A strong internet connection


Once you have all of those things, the download process is as follows:


1. Tap the download link you received in your email.


2. Click on the PDF icon next to the book name, and the download process will begin.


3. Do not exit this screen or tap the download icon multiple times, otherwise it will cancel your download.


4. Once the download is finished, it will pop up on your screen and you will see the front cover of the book. From here you need to click "Open in iBooks" in order to save it to your device. If you do not open it in iBooks or a similar PDF application, it will not save to your device.


5. Once you have opened it in iBooks, you are all set to go! Be sure to back up your device to prevent from losing the book in the future if you ever upgrade or switch phones.


*If you get the error "Safari Cannot Open", this means you do not have iBooks downloaded.