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Hi ladies! If you don’t already know about my own personal journey, I want to take a minute to tell you why and how I became so passionate about helping women change their life. It began with my own journey, starting out as a girl who knew next to nothing about nutrition or fitness. To be honest, eating healthy and exercising was the last thing I wanted to do and I was happy with the way I looked! Unfortunately, I began experiencing health problems that required me to either change my habits, or allow my health to continue to spiral out of control…


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What is Body Love?

Body Love with Anna Victoria is a fitness and wellness experience which focuses on high intensity workouts, healthy and balanced eating practices designed to get you results, all while helping you love yourself and your body every step of the way.

First developed by Anna Victoria in 2017, Body Love is an extension of her original Fit Body Guide method which was launch in 2015. FBG was an immediate success among thousands of women which quickly grew into a worldwide community of #fbggirls where women cheer each other on, offer advice, support, and daily encouragement.

The FBG community has grown into one of the largest online female fitness communities and their dedication to FBG left them asking for more. Anna Victoria knew she wanted to provide her community with an interactive workout experience including exercise videos, new recipes, the ability to calculate meal portions based on individual goals and needs, easy to digest information, monthly fitness challenges and a place to help girls easily track their progress.

Therefore, due to popular demand, the Body Love App was born! Body Love with Anna Victoria immediately became one of the top downloaded fitness apps of 2018 gaining thousands of new users monthly. Anna Victoria’s goal is to guide women through the ultimate experience of physical, mental, and emotional health: Body Love.


One of the most important aspects of a new health and fitness journey is having daily support from those around you. As much as this may seem like a purely physical journey, it is just as emotionally challenging as it is physically challenging. When you begin your Body Love journey, you will be able to connect with the Body Love community who will be there to support and encourage you, day in and day out. Not only will the other #BodyLoveBabes be there for you, Anna Victoria will be too!

We are a community of diverse, strong, and determined women from all over the world and we can’t wait for you to join us!

– Anna Victoria and the Body Love Community

Studies have shown that those who join a community, interact, and receive daily support are 80% more likely to be successful on their journey.

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