Get to Know Brittany Lupton

by Anna Victoria in Fitness

Hi! I’m Brittany Lupton, a certified personal trainer who is also certified in pre and postnatal exercise. I am a new mom who loves to share my passion for all things health and fitness!


Fitness has given me my strength and confidence back as a woman. That is why I’m on a mission to empower women like you to live your happiest and healthiest life by implementing fitness into your routine.

LIFT is a gym based program primarily designed for people who want to get into weight lifting, increase strength, and build a little bit of muscle. These workouts will get you more familiar with the gym so it doesn’t seem as intimidating. The goal is to feel like a well balanced individual working each part of the body for all around health.

My REVIVE program is designed for beginners and women who have recently had a baby and are wanting to work out safely. These workouts are quick and effective and made to shorten the time away from your little one. Dumbbells and resistance bands are suggested, but not required. It is important you take this program at your own pace! This is a great program to ease back into things and have a daily check-in on how you are doing.


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Fitness is not just about a “quick fix,” it is about creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I’m here to not only help you get started on your journey, but support you along the way and encourage you to love yourself through the process. Train with me if you want to see results, gain strength, build confidence, and create a healthier you!

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