5 Unexpected Ways the Fit Body App Can Get You Results

by Fit Body Team in Fitness

You’ve committed to one of the ten programs that the Fit Body app offers. Congrats on taking an important first step! You now have access to amazing workouts that will test your limits in the best way possible. But that’s not the only way to see results with the Fit Body app.

The Fit Body app offers a whole range of incredible benefits that go far beyond the workouts. Take a look at these five unexpected ways our app will get you results (that you probably never realized)!

Professional support from a PT and RD 

Did you know that with your Fit Body app membership, you get FREE access to a Physical Therapist and a Registered Dietitian? Yes, seriously!! We know you girls are all unique individuals with different needs and we want to give you as much support as possible.

If you’re a new mom, for example, you can always email Kylie Morse, our in-house Registered Dietitian, to chat about your unique nutrition needs. Recently injured? Email Dr. Amy Schultz, our in-house Physical Therapist, and get her qualified recommendations. These are just a few examples of the many ways they can both help you!

Useful Fit Body app contact details
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Got nutrition related questions? Email us at: nutrition@fitbodyapp.com
Got fitness questions? Email us: at PT@fitbodyapp.com


A personalized meal plan and macro tracker 

The way you eat should be based on the goals you’ve set for yourself. Within the Fit Body app, there’s a nutrition section which includes a macro calculator and a macro tracker. If macronutrients are a foreign language to you, let the macro calculator do the heavy lifting! Once you provide your height, weight, activity level, and fitness goal, the app provides you with your unique macro and caloric needs (which you can recalculate any time your goals change!). This takes away the stress of calculations or the need to create balanced meals and allows you to just follow along! Add meal sets to each day of the week and you already have planned meals that are portioned out exactly for you and your goals! The meal plan section of the app is there to tell you exactly what you should be eating in order to see the results you want.

As you get more comfortable with creating meals that fit your goals, you can get more independent. Choose from individual recipes and edit them to create a full day that fits your calories/macros. Once that feels comfortable, search for foods, or scan their barcode, in our nutrition calculator and simply use our meals for inspiration!

Access to a journal to record your progress and track your mood 

The Fit Body app’s digital wellness journal is your one-stop shop to track your workouts and your mood! Every time you crush one of your Fit Body workouts, it will automatically be recorded in your Fit Body calendar. At the end of each day, you can go into the journal section and record your mood, and write down answers to prompts such as “something you accomplished today,” and more.

Taking the time to reflect on your day reaps powerful benefits. Journaling has been shown to help better manage stress, anxiety, and mental health conditions. Plus, it’s such an amazing way to remind yourself of how incredible you are! Looking back at all the workouts you’ve prioritized and everything you’ve accomplished is incredibly empowering and the ultimate mood booster.

Store and track progress photos

If you’re like us, you probably have thousands of photos in your photo reel. Instead of taking progress pics on your phone, and then promptly losing them amongst pictures of friends and #WFH life, use the Fit Body app! You’ll find this neat feature in the settings portion of the app, clearly labeled “Progress Photos.” Simply upload your progress pics into the app and be sure to take new ones every 4-weeks.

As you know, progress pics are a much better marker of your progress than the scale will ever be.

• Find a full length mirror that will fit your body from head to toe
• Take the picture in natural sunlight with no shadows
• Wear shorts/underwear/bikini bottoms and a sports bra or bikini top
• Take one set of photos relaxed and one set flexing
• Take photos from the front, side, and back each time
• Take updated photos every 4 weeks in the same outfit and same lighting if possible

Community accountability and support 

Bet you didn’t know your app membership opened you up to a community of thousands of women, ready to support, and keep you accountable! 

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to get involved in a community. We recommend creating an FBG accountability Instagram account as soon as you sign up for the app. Having a separate account connects you with the community and provides a safe space to post about the highs, lows, and everything in between while you’re on your fitness journey!

You can find the Fit Body community on Instagram through our handle @fitbodyapp and our hashtags, such as #FBGcommunity, #FBGgirls and #FBGmoms. And be sure to join the Fit Body Community Group on Facebook for exclusive Q+As, live sessions, and community support.  

The bottom line is: 

The Fit Body app is so much more than an app. It truly is your one-stop shop to live your best, happiest life. We’d love to know which of the above is your favorite app feature and which one surprised you the most! Tag us on Instagram (our handle is @fitbodyapp) and let us know. We’ll repost you and see who else agrees!

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