Get to Know Martina Sergi

by Anna Victoria in Fitness

I’m Martina Sergi, an E-RYT200 and RYT500 certified yoga teacher, Fit Body Trainer, published author, and designer of the MALI blocks based out of Milan, Italy.

I started Yoga during university and it completely changed my life. It taught me how to be comfortable in my own imperfect skin and to be confident enough to trust and value myself. By sharing my experience, I strive to help others find the power and beauty within themselves.

My MOVE program will increase your mobility and flexibility. It will help you to create space in your body and move better in your everyday life. You will feel more comfortable and free in your own skin. It’s for all levels and everything can be done from home!


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Join me on this journey; move with me to discover and appreciate your own strength and  uniqueness. Don’t be perfect, be authentically you.

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