3 Tricks to Help You Stick with Your Workout Routine

by Anna Victoria in Fitness

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that life gets in the way. You may set out to have a perfect week and, before you know it, two weeks have passed and you’ve barely taken a look at your Fit Body App workouts or meal plan! It’s a scenario every one of us has experienced before and probably will again. While we can never fully prevent life from getting in the way, there are a few things we can do.



First, we can prioritize. The most common excuse (which I am guilty of myself) is “I’m too busy.” But too busy for what? It all depends on what you decide to dedicate your time to. Of course, school, work and family should be your absolute first priorities, but so should your health. YOU should be your priority!


If you are struggling to carve out time for yourself, I want you to sit down and create a weekly schedule. Write down each day of the week and then each hour in the day from when you wake up to when you go to bed. Start by blocking off the time you have dedicated to work, school, family, and other responsibilities. Then, see where you have 30 minutes for yourself each day. If you don’t, wake up 30 minutes earlier! 

I know this may sound like the last thing you want to do, but you will be surprised by how energized you will feel through the rest of the day after an early morning workout! You will be able to take care of the rest of your responsibilities throughout the day without feeling guilty for potentially skipping out on your “you” time.

While waking up early or planning your schedule may seem like a chore, the more you do it, the more it becomes part of your routine. In the end, you have to ask yourself “how badly do I want it,” and be honest with yourself! If you’re not willing to cut out watching a show at night, scrolling through Facebook, or even a bit of sleep, then you may need to take a good, hard look at what your priorities and goals actually are (and go back to step one!). In order to succeed, your priorities need to be set up in a way to support your goals and help you reach them.


The second thing we can do is accept that life isn’t always meant to be easy and we’re not meant to go down a perfectly paved road. That’s not how we learn or how we grow. When you are going through a tough time, you learn what matters most and what you are willing to fight for. And sometimes we lose those fights! But it’s never the LAST fight. If you get knocked down, take the time you need to recoup and get back in there and fight for what you deserve.

Going through challenges, missing some workouts, or even taking a complete hiatus is never a reason to give up entirely. There have been several times during my journey when I have taken a month or two off. Did I lose progress? Yes. But I know that I worked for and saw that progress once, and I can always see it again. When we take breaks for either physical or emotional reasons, we are always taking care of an equally important aspect of our lives. Don’t beat yourself up for life happening! Your fitness journey will come and go in waves. This is totally normal. You’re human and you’re doing your best. What is important is that you keep going and keep fighting, because your best is good enough. You’ve got this!

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