Hi ladies! If you don’t already know about my own personal journey, I want to take a minute to tell you why and how I became so passionate about helping women change their life. It began with my own journey, starting out as a girl who knew next to nothing about nutrition or fitness. To be honest, eating healthy and exercising was the last thing I wanted to do and I was happy with the way I looked!

Unfortunately, I began experiencing health problems that required me to either change my habits, otherwise allowing my health to continue to spiral out of control. Like many, I have been in the position of needing to change my habits with very little desire to do so. This is why I understand exactly how challenging it is, but it is also why I know just how possible it is to achieve your goals when you put your mind to it.

When I started my journey, I began studying and researching everything health and fitness related. This was in 2012 when there were no fitness guides or apps like my Fit Body Guides or Fit Body App available. I simply researched every topic imaginable as I went through my own fitness journey, looking at all sides of various scientific studies, personal stories, and of course my own experience. I became so interested in what I was learning because it was so opposite what I had grown up living and knowing.

Since my journey did not start due to me being upset with weight gain or body image, I am extremely passionate about helping women learn how to love themselves, from beginning to end. You shouldn’t exercise or eat healthy because you hate your body – you should exercise and eat healthy because you love your body. I am determined to show women everywhere how to fuel and nourish their bodies to get the results they deserve, and look and FEEL their best.

This is what true beauty and true confidence is about – it’s about being healthy, happy, setting goals and achieving them. It’s about focusing just as much on your physical well-being as your mental and emotional well-being. It’s about Fit Body App!


Anna Victoria has helped thousands of women achieve their fitness goals. Join her 2022 Fitness Challenge and make 2022 your best year yet!

Anna Victoria has been helping thousands of women around the world since 2015 achieve their fitness goals and improve their mental, emotional and physical health. Join Fit Body with Anna Victoria and see how fueling, nourishing and challenging your body will give you the confidence and strength you have always deserved.

Fit Body with Anna Victoria now offers three workout programs for you to choose from. No matter your fitness goal, Anna Victoria has a workout program for you! The Fit Body workouts are based on scientifically proven high-intensity and strength training moves designed to help you burn fat and strengthen your body at the same time!

Fit Body with Anna Victoria is also the first completely custom meal plan app. The app customizes the entire meal plan around your personal caloric needs and macronutrient breakdown so know exactly what and how much to eat. They say abs are made in the kitchen, which is true! The Fit Body App Meal Plan will ensure you get the results you deserve from all your hard work in the gym!




Fit Body with Anna Victoria gets down to the root cause of overall dissatisfaction with your body and self. Fitness and wellness isn’t just about how you look on the outside, it’s about valuing who you are on the inside, working to be your best, and appreciating your body for where it is and what it can do, at all stages of your journey.



Fit Body with Anna Victoria is not about restricting food or counting calories, it is about making healthy food choices and swaps to ensure your body is fueled throughout the day. Focusing on the quality of food rather than the quantity will allow you to feel satisfied and see the results you deserve!



Anna believes in enjoying life and not letting food or exercise become a source of stress in your day to day life. Being too strict with yourself 100% of the time will not help you feel or look your best due to the negative impacted elevated stress levels have on the body. Fit Body with Anna Victoria will teach you how to exercise and eat healthy in a way that will allow you to enjoy life, enjoy food, and get the results you deserve.



Anna Victoria understands that not everyone may start out here, but her biggest goal is to help you learn to love yourself, no matter where you are in your journey. This is what every woman deserves, to love herself, be her biggest cheerleader, and have a community of supportive women there to cheer her on. This is what Fit Body with Anna Victoria provides, and much more!