5 Ways to Find Motivation and Keep It!

by Anna Victoria in Fitness

One of the *most* important parts of staying on track with your fitness journey is feeling motivated! So, how DO you stay motivated? Drumroll, please…


1. Do it for yourself!

This is a very personal journey and your reason for starting it is going to be one of your biggest motivators! If you start this journey because someone else made you feel like you should, your motivation will eventually run out and your chances of falling off track will be high because it’s not something you want for yourself. It’s normal to occasionally lose focus or even to ease up a bit if you’re struggling to find a good work-life-fitness balance. But it’s important to remind yourself, even months down the line, WHY you started doing this – that this is what you want, not what someone else wants.

2. Work towards emotional and mental goals instead of physical goals.

So this one is a bit tricky because there’s nothing wrong with physical goals! But physical goals take time and if you have a physical goal in mind that you keep checking on every day, it can get exhausting and discouraging. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is full of unrealistic diet products promising a flat tummy or lean legs in **only 4 weeks!!!**. If you’re only looking to get abs or a booty, you will likely become discouraged if it isn’t happening as fast as you think it should. But if you focus on how great you feel after your workout or on how great you feel after a full week of nutritious eating, your mentality will automatically shift and you’ll feel more and more motivated to keep going with your fitness journey!

3. Dedication over motivation.

We’ve all experienced it. One day we have motivation coming out of our ears and the next day we just want to curl up and lie in bed. ‘Tis life. I think this is a really important point that isn’t discussed enough in the fitness world – you will not always be motivated. That’s where dedication steps in. If you rely on motivation to carry you through your journey, you’re setting yourself up for failure. At some point you have to stop relying on motivation and start relying on the commitment you made to yourself. As I’ve said before, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! So when all else fails, aim for dedication, not motivation.

4. Don’t think about it, just do.

It’s easy to get inside our own heads and come up with all these excuses as to why we shouldn’t or can’t work out or why it’s too hard to eat healthy or how we just HAVE to have that piece of cake. If you want to stay on track, you have to stop your emotional decision making. Remove your “wants” from the equation and think about what you need and what you promised yourself you would do! When you know you need to work out, don’t think about it, just go. When you need to prepare a healthy meal or meal prep, just do it. This is called Robot Mode! The more time you give yourself to think about it, the more excuses you will think of, so it’s less time consuming to just do it! This is something that helped me with motivation on my personal journey and I can tell you from first hand experience that channeling Robot Mode and getting it done really motivates you! Because the next time you start to make excuses and you really don’t want to do it, you can look back and remember how much channeling Robot Mode helped and how great you felt after you did what you said you were going to do.

5. Join a community!

I’ve noticed that the more engaged you are with a community, the more support you will receive back. My FBG Community on Instagram and Facebook is a great motivational tool for the days when you just don’t feel like working out. Go scroll through the posts of a girl you really connect with and who lights your fitness fire 😜 Social media is what you make of it. You choose who you follow and you can “surround” yourself with positive, uplifting and inspiring women who empower and motivate you! Pay attention to where you focus your energy and make positive thinking a habit. The FBG community is here to support you, give you advice, and even just to lend an ear if that’s what you need. If you notice yourself slipping, let us know! Ask someone in the FBG Community to be your accountability partner and check in on each other throughout the week. We are all on this journey together and having an accountability partner is a great way to keep that motivation up!

Staying motivated can be challenging, but after reading this you should be better able to boost your motivation the next time you need it! Have a tip that wasn’t mentioned? Comment it below!

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