Dedication Over Motivation

by Anna Victoria in Fitness

Motivation is fleeting. It comes and goes, and it’s often strongest after you’re well into your journey. This is why it can be so hard to start and stay on track those first few weeks of your fitness journey! But the truth is, no matter how far you are in your journey, there will always be times you don’t feel motivated. So how do people stay on track through all of the ups and downs? By being dedicated, not motivated.


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Here are my top tips on how to stay dedicated:

Set Goals

Goal setting gives you something to focus on that’s measurable and has an endpoint. Choosing a goal that you genuinely want to achieve will help you stay dedicated no matter your motivation levels!

Break Up Your Goals

Achieving big picture goals feels amazing, but they usually take longer to achieve than we think. Breaking up those long term goals into smaller monthly, or even weekly, goals will help you stay dedicated.


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Use Long Term Goals for Short Term Motivation

Keeping long term goals in mind can be a great way to stay dedicated to your day to day routine. When you’re struggling in the moment to get yourself to the gym or eat healthy, picture yourself 3 months down the road and think about whether you’ll regret not putting in the work today!

Write Down Your Goals

Whether you choose to make them public or not, writing down your goals and placing them somewhere you will frequently see them can make a big difference. It’s much easier to stay dedicated when you keep your goals in sight, literally!


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Use Rewards

Celebrate your victories and achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Some great non-food rewards are: purchasing new workout clothes, a mani/pedi, taking a cooking class, sleeping in, going to a movie, enjoying a new book, or even splurging on wireless headphones, a fitness tracker, or something to help with meal prep!

Have A Support System

Another great way to stay dedicated is by joining a fitness community (like the FBG Community!) Having a group of women who have been exactly where you are, who understand what you’re going through, and who give you unconditional support is invaluable. Plus, hearing about their journeys can be both inspiring and motivating, only further helping you to stay dedicated to your goals!


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Girls, let’s make a promise to ourselves to stop romanticizing motivation and decide to be dedicated! You are STRONG. You are capable. You can do SO much more than you realize! And going after your goals is going to improve your life in many ways.

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you stay dedicated? Drop them in the comments below and let me know!

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