How To Eat Intuitively

by Anna Victoria in Recipes + Nutrition

Intuitive eating is a phrase that is being thrown around a lot in the nutrition and fitness worlds, but many people are not clear on what it means, or how to do it! Intuitive eating is a style of eating that focuses on your body’s cues and paying attention to how the food that you eat makes you feel.

People who eat intuitively focus more on eating foods that they know fuel them well and help them feel their best every day, rather than counting macros or calories. There is no one right way of doing things for everyone, but if you are wanting to try intuitive eating, here are some tips! 


1. Let go of expectations about your hunger

Oftentimes we try to fight feeling extra hungry some days, but it is very normal to feel more hungry some days than others! Our bodies do not need the exact same amount of food every single day. Some days we may feel very hungry, and other days we may become full more easily — both are okay! When learning to eat more intuitively, try to honor when you are feeling more hungry or more satiated, rather than expecting that you should feel the same every day!

Pictured: Chili Lime Taco Bowl from the Fit Body app

2. Try to eat balanced meals

Eating a serving of protein, fat, and carbohydrates at each meal will help keep you fuller longer and also help to make sure you are getting a variety of nutrients to support your fitness routine and overall health/wellness.

3. Slowly stop tracking macros

If you are used to tracking your calories and macros, try tracking only 2-3 days a week instead. This will help you ease into not tracking, but also give some peace of mind that you are still in the ballpark of the calories and protein your body needs to reach any physical goals you have. As you gradually rely less and less on tracking, you can eventually stop tracking altogether once you feel comfortable!

Intuitive eating looks different for everyone, so it is important not to compare your intuitive eating to someone else’s! If you have a Fit Body app membership and have any questions about intuitive eating, or nutrition in general, reach out to our Fit Body Registered Dietitian,, because you have free access to her services included in your membership!

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